2019 Pancake Day Talent Show


This contest is conducted by the International Pancake Day Board, as part of the official Pancake Day Schedule.


The International Pancake Day Board, or its representatives, shall have the final decision on all contest rules and their interpretations. All contestants and/or instructors not adhering to these rules may be subject to disqualification.


1. This contest is open to all types of entertainers.


2. Contestants age on February 8, 2019 is used for division determination.


Tiny Tot: age 4 through 8

Junior: age 9 through 13

Senior: age 14 through 18

Adult: age 19+


3. If more than one person appears on stage, whether for the purpose of performing or accompaniment, the act will be considered a group performance.


4. A group's division will be determined by the following:


A. Add up all contest ages in group and divide by number of members to get an average age for the group.

B. Average age determines division of group If average ends in .5 or over, age will round up.

C. 50% of contestants must be in determined age group.  If 51% of contestants are of a higher age division, that division will apply.




A. For a division to make there must be 5 different acts with 5 different performers.

B. You may enter as many acts as you want.

C. A person can be in only 1 solo act in the finals.

D. A person can be in an unlimited number of group acts in the finals.

E. A person can be in 2 duet acts in the finals.



A. Will be held at Liberal High School Auditorium

B. Date of the Audition Show is Saturday March 2, 2019 and starts at 9:00 AM

C. Further preliminary times will be published via email.

D. If any division doesn't have enough acts to qualify as a separate division, remaining acts will have entry fee refunded.



A. All entries must perform live and in person at the Audition Show on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

B. No recorded entries will be accepted.

C. In group acts, only those contestants participating in the Audition Show will be eligible to participate in the finals.

D. There will be two waves for check-ins!

E. First check in will start @ 10:00 am for preliminaries and all acts for first check in must be checked in by 11:30 am.

F. Second Wave of Check-Ins will be announced.

G. Talent Show Board will contact each contestant via email of talent show order and wave.  Please contact Rikki Carrasco at (620) 482.3704 to confirm order.  Order and wave information will also be posted on our Facebook Page @International Pancake Day.

H. All contestants are REQUIRED to be backstage three (3) acts prior to performance.

I. Contestants are NOT allowed to wear tap shoes, except from dressing rooms to stage to perform.

J. NO one will be allowed to enter or exit the auditorium during performances.  Entry to auditorium will only be at designated times.

K. There is NO Scheduled make-up date.



A. Entry fee is $40.00 per entry/act.

B. It is preferred that CD's be attached with your application packet as applicable (Background music is explained in rule P of this section below).

C. Entry fee is non-refundable, except when is a division doesn't make.

D. No refunds will be given for those unable to participate in the Audition Show for any reason.

E. 100% of entry fees are paid out via prize money.

F. Entry and fee deadline times:


(1)  Mailed. Pancake Day Inc. / P.O. Box 665 / Liberal, KS 67905.  Postmarked by Friday 2/8/2019

(2)  Hand Delivered: Rikki Carrasco / 301 Sunflower / Liberal, KS.  Or Kenia / Hay Rice and Associates / 21 Plaza Drive / Liberal, KS.  Delivered by Friday            2/8/2018 by 5:00 pm.

G. Contestant entry confirmation will be made via email.

H. Performers who have advanced to the finals will not be allowed to repeat the specific act the following year.

I. Audition Show & Final Show performance orders will be determined by the show's producer. No guarantees of placement will be made.

J. There will be no changing, switching or rearranging of acts for any reason, unless there are technical reasons.

K. Each act is limited to 3 Minutes:


(1) At 3 Minutes, 15 seconds, a 5 point penalty will be applied

(2) At 3 minutes, 30 seconds, the act will be disqualified.


L. Contestants who do not finish their performance will be penalized 10 points off of their total average score.

M. Contestants must furnish their own props and equipment, other than a piano and sound system.

N. Identical props, music, costumes, equipment, etc, must be used for audition and finals, if qualified.  Contestants who break this rule will be penalized 25 points off of their total average score at the finals.

O. Any props, equipment, etc., must be approved by the show producer prior to audition.  Contestants who break this rule will be penalized 25 points off of their total average score at the finals.

P. Background Music:


(1)  CD's must be clearly marked with performers name / song title

(2)  A main and backup CD must be supplied

(3)  Only one song per CD is allowed.

(4)  Each act must have a different CD.

(5)  CD's will be available to pick up after preliminaries for acts that don't move on to the finals.

(6)  CD's will be available to pick up after finals for acts that are in the final show.


Q. Each act is allowed only one person (parent or instructor) backstage during preliminaries and final performance.

R. Any critique sheets will be emailed following final performances.

S. No flash photography is allowed for any reason during any performances.

T. Absolutely NO SMOKING allowed on school grounds.

U. Food and drink is NOT allowed in auditorium.



1. A Minimum of 3 judges will be used for both Audition Show and Finals.

2. Judging scores are averaged to determine act score.

3. Judging will reflect age appropriate costuming & music.

4. Top 4 places in Tiny Tot Division and Top 8 places in Juniors, Seniors, and Adult division will advance to the finals.

5. All decisions of the Judges will be final.



1. Will be held on Sunday, March 3, 2019, 3:00 pm

2. Will be held at Liberal High School Auditorium

3. All decisions of the Judges will be final.

4. High quality CD's are required. Failure to provide high-quality tracks may result in removal of the act from the Final Show.

5. There will be a required rehearsal for the final show. Rehearsal time will be 11:00 am to 1:30 pm on Sunday, March 3, 2019.  Rehearsal times will be determined after audition show on Saturday.

6. Only participants performing in the finals will be admitted without paid tickets.

7. Contestants are required to be in costume for the awards ceremony at the end of the finals.



1. All entry fees will be returned in prize money.

2. Trophies are awarded to 1st through 3rd places in the finals.



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