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Stop By and See the International Pancake Day Hall of Fame

Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL PANCAKE DAY HALL OF FAME, located at 318 N. Lincoln...also know as the finish line of the International Pancake Day Race.


The “Hall of Fame” started as a dream project in the late 1900’s and through much hard work, became a reality in 2004-05.  While it is still in progress, with many new improvements on the drawing board, the Hall of Fame houses much memorabilia about Pancake Day dating back to the first year of 1950 to current.  The building also serves as the Corporate Headquarters for International Pancake Day of Liberal, Inc. and is “command central” for our annual event each Shrove Tuesday.


Our goal is to preserve a vital part of Liberal’s history over the past 66 years and to be able to share that with our local and regional community.  We also are striving to develop a facility that can be enjoyed by civic and community groups for gathering as well as an educational venue for our elementary school students.


We would like to invite you to stop by or call 620-624-6423 or 

620-391-2887 for more information on tours.


Be sure to stop in and see the new improvements made possible by The Cooper Clark Foundation and continue to watch for further improvements coming in the near future!

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