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International Pancake Day Race
Entry Form

“I hereby agree to conform to and comply with the rules governing this contest of the INTERNATIONAL PANCAKE RACE, Liberal, Kansas and I further agree to hold blameless the INTERNATIONAL PANCAKE DAY of LIBERAL, INC., the RACE COMMITTEE, and others connected with this contest, for any loss or injury to myself or property in which I may become involved by reason of participation in this contest.”


“I also agree, that in the event I am the winner of the LIBERAL PANCAKE RACE, I will accept no personal appearances outside of Liberal, nor will I run in any other PANCAKE RACE for ONE YEAR subsequent to winning the 2024 International Pancake Race without first receiving consent and sanction of the INTERNATIONAL PANCAKE DAY of LIBERAL, KANSAS, INC., BOARD of DIRECTORS.”


“I have received a copy of the rules today”

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