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2024 School Competitions

Seymour Rogers Middle School wins first ever Middle School Pancake Race Event

Seymour Rogers Middle School Runners

Vivana Favila- 1:15.34

Christopher Marin- 58.87

Total- 2.14.21

(Also pictured, Gary Classen, 2024 General Chairman)

Race 1.jpg

Eisenhower Middle School Runners
Yazzie Martinez-1:17

Nick Naranjo-1:06

Total 2:23

(Also pictured, Mike Brack, former General Chairman)

MacArthur Elementary

Eli Winchester


49 Flips

Kiley Carter

1st Grade

45 Flips

Lyla Winchester

2nd/3rd Grade

89 Flips

Aiden Montoya

2nd/3rd Grade

96 Flips

Charli Parsons

4th/5th Grade

101 Flips

Isaiah Duran

4th/5th Grade

113 Flips

Fellowship Baptist School

Fellowship flipping winner 2024.jpeg

Fellowship Baptist School's Pancake Flipping Winners (from left to right):

Jace Padilla - 5th grade - 60 Flips, Landon Prater - 4th Grade - 74 Flips

Miles Sallaska - 3rd Grade - 50 Flips, Kora Baalman - 2nd Grade - 13 Flips

Keegan Weber - 1st Grade - 52 Flips, Everest Paredes - Kindergarten - 39 Flips

Cottonwood Elementary

Cottonwood 2024 flipping winners.jpeg

Cottonwood Elementary School Pancake Flipping Winners (from right to left):

Maya - 5th Grade - 121 Flips, 4th Grade - Esther

Sophia - 3rd Grade - 92 Flips, Leonardo - 2nd Grade - 70 Flips

Brayden - 1st Grade - 67 Flips, Amelia - Kindergarten - 35 Flips

(Also Pictured: Gary Classen)

Sunflower Elementary


Sunflower's Pancake Flipping Winners (From left to right):

 Ezequiel Baeza - 5th Grade - 83 Flips

4th- Mario Ontiveros (89 flips)

3rd- Taelyn Khamvongsa (81 flips)

2nd- Matteo Rosales (66 flips)

1st- Abraham Pando Coronado (58 flips)

Kindergarten- Julian Neal (37 flips)

(Also Pictured: Mike Brack)

Principal Ashley Lehnert and Assistant Principal Nathan Smith got in on the fun as well.

Mrs. Lehnert had 78 Flips & Mr. Smith had 88 Flips


Meadowlark's Pancake Flipping Winners

Marco Lopez - Kindergarten

Damian Lastor Morales - First Grade

Adrian Estrada - Second Grade

Damian Estrada - Third Grade

Maria Solis - Fourth Grade

Mayra Olvera - Fifth Grade


Prairie View's Pancake Flipping Winners

Keily Hernandez - Kindergarten

Oliver Solis Us - First Grade

Oliver Musgrave - Second Grade

Lukah Medina - Third Grade

Viktor Remillo - Fourth Grade

Sofia Meza - Fifth Grade

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